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We are excellence and reliability executing information security services, process design and development.


We have professionals with international certifications (CEH, CISP, ITIL Foundation v3), experts in the execution of vulnerability identification and exploitation tasks, as well as in the implementation of good security practices in their environment.

international regulations

Our engineers have auditor certifications (CISA and ISO 27001 Lead Auditor) and the experience of having worked with Multinationals and SMEs that guarantee the validation and advice on different regulations such as PCI DSS, ISO 27000, RGPD, ITGC, among others.

Design and development

We have a team of analysts, developers and designers that provide solutions to the needs of our clients through the development of automation.

Vulnerability Scan (ASV) required by PCI DSS regulations.





We are a new company paradigm , made up of professionals from different areas, who provide IT and technology solutions to the needs of our clients safeguarding their critical assets .


Grow and endure over time , being leaders in Latin America and Europe, encouraging and accompanying that each member of the company develop fully both professionally as personally.


Honesty : We act honestly among the members of the company, as well as with our clients.
Innovation and Creativity : We provide creative solutions, exceeding the limits of what is possible.
Commitment and responsibility regarding the task and the interactions between internal and external clients.
Passion and Love for what we do.

our certifications



We have specialists with market-recognized certifications such as CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking), CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) and ITIL Foundation V3, guarantee the use of validated methodologies for the identification and exploitation of internal and external vulnerabilities (Penetration Test ), and internal and external vulnerability scans (ASV) required by PCI DSS regulations. On the other hand, we carry out social engineering tasks (such as Ethical Phishing and Pretexting) since we understand that the "User is the weakest link". This task is finished with an awareness talk that allows users to perceive the risks to which they are exposed.

Also, we carry out risk analysis based on the MAGERIT methodology.

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Our engineers have worked in the financial field, Retail, Telcos, Tourism and Health, which guarantees the experience and quality of the services provided. We have certifications as Lead Auditor in ISO 27001 and CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) which allows us to use certified methodologies in order to assess the risk of our clients. Consultants and auditors are experts in regulations and standards such as PCI DSS (Standard for merchants that handle payment card data), ISO 27000, BCRA 5374 and 6354, HIPAA, RGPD (European Union Personal Data Protection Act) .

We invite you to learn more about our consulting and auditing methodology that accompanies our clients to mitigate the risks exposed day by day.


design and development

Our development team is made up of functional analysts, software architects, developers and designers to provide clients with software solutions with the aim of improving their operating processes and boosting their income.

Each of the developments respects secure development methodologies such as OWASP and S-SDLC which guarantees that the developments comply with best practices and are protected against different types of vulnerabilities.

The development area, in cooperation with the computer security consulting area, encourages the performance of external source code reviews, with the aim of detecting vulnerabilities and bugs in the developments of our clients.

Lastly, ATEITIS promotes the use and generation of automated tools that help our clients reduce the inherent risks and raise awareness among users.

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Online Services

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The ASV vulnerability scan is required by the PCI DSS 3.2.1 standard on a quarterly basis. Our service is executed by an expert consultant including a monitoring of vulnerabilities and their execution.



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